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This service helps children and young people from 8 years upwards who reside in the Kirklees, Calderdale or Wakefield region who have suffered from all types of sexual abuse and violence. We have supported survivors of sexual violence since 1989.

We are here to listen • support you  to believe you • without judgement

We understand that deciding to talk to someone about what has happened to you or how you feel can be very scary. You may be struggling with uncomfortable feelings that are making your life difficult or difficult for people you care about.

We are here to listen, support and be guided by you.


If you are struggling with something that has happened we can provide knowledge and information around sexual violence.


Get some information around sexual violence and learn how to access support that may help someone you care about.

I want to know ...

Signs of abuse

Signs of abuse are not always that obvious, especially if your child, friend or relative is going through puberty, where behaviour changes can happen
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Have I been raped

It’s okay if you are feeling confused and are unsure whether you have been raped. RASAC knows that rape isn’t as simple as that
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Am I being groomed

Grooming is when someone builds a relationship, trust and emotional connection with a child or young person so they can manipulate
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How to say no

It sounds so easy doesn’t it, two letters ‘No’.In reality most people find it incredibly difficult to say ‘NO’.
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We also help adults who are survivors of sexual violence. We are here to listen, to believe you without judgement and can offer support and advice to survivors, family members, friends and partners, as well as signposting and referring to other appropriate services.
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Our new Tiktok!

RASAC and CHYPS are super excited to announce that we now have a Tiktok channel!

This channel is going to have lots of different videos talking about a range of subjects such as information around sexual violence, facts and statistics, a day in the life, what our rooms/offices look like and many more!

Let us know by emailing if there is a specific video you'd like to see us do!

Follow us on Tiktok by searching for @kcrasac


Young People Support Group

Our CHISVA Team have developed two young people support groups for girls aged 13-17 and for boys aged 13-17 who have experience sexual violence. The group is a psychoeducational support group meaning it helps you to understand and cope with what has happened in a safe, supportive environment. The group runs once a week for 10 weeks. Each session will focus on different themes including anger management, coping mechanisms, healthy relationships and trust. This group aims to provide a safe space for you to talk and improve your knowledge, confidence and feelings.

If you’re interested in this, give our helpline a call and let us know or refer here.


It’s normal to feel like you can’t trust anyone as statistics show 90% of children who have been sexually abused know their abuser


Most survivors of abuse will feel that no one else will understand and may feel alone even when they have support


It is normal to feel you can’t tell anyone. Most survivors of abuse do not tell anyone when it is happening due to embarrassment or fear of not being believed


We are here to support you, last year nearly 4,000 survivors of sexual abuse aged 15 years and under were supported by a rape crisis organisation like KCRASAC

1 in 7

In 2017 -2018 in England and Wales about 1 in 7 child abuse offences were carried out online

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